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Suwannee Scholars Application for Scholarship & Release of Information

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Terms & Conditions

1. Leaders 4 Tomorrow supports the Suwannee Scholars program that provides scholarships to students who are applying for admission to a college, university or certification program(s); 2. The majority of the scholarships are intend for students who plan to commence full time study; 3. Applications are assessed on academic qualification and other measures of merit, including essays and personal statement; 4. Scholarships are not transferable to other degree programs with out express consent; 5. Scholarship recipients must commence full time studies in the semester for which the offer is made. No deferment of a Scholarship is permitted without special circumstances and deferment is not guaranteed; 6. Scholarships are designed to cover all or part of your tuition fees for your year(s) of study; 7. Scholarships are designed for full-time students, however part-time student applications may be considered under exceptional circumstances. Such requests must be supported by the scholarship committee and must be allowed within the parameters of each individual scholarship plan; 8. Some of the scholarships are restricted and not transferable; 9. Scholarships are only considered for those applicants who complete the application packet in its entirety; 10. Scholarships are awarded by a scholarship selection committee; 11. Scholarship criteria varies depending on funding source, please consult program specific guidelines for additional information; 12. All Florida Prepaid Scholarships require attendance at a public college or university; 13. Scholarship awards are not guaranteed without express consent and proper funding levels; 14. Student must maintain good standing behaviorally and academically.