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Mini grant application for Educator Members

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Please type your first middle and last name in the field above to state that you accept the terms of this mini-grant. • You must be a member of Payroll Deduction Program to be eligible for a grant between $250 and $500. • If you are not a Payroll Deduction Program Member, you are eligible for a $100.00 grant. • Fill out the payroll deduction form to apply for or increase your payroll deduction. • Mini-Grant funds cannot be used for consumable items (i.e. pens, pencils, paper, etc. If it can only be used once, it is not allowable). • If you apply for more grant money than you are eligible for, you must pay the excess. • Mini-grants MUST have principal approval. If your principal cannot sign the application, he/she may send an e-mail of approval to [email protected]. • Mini-Grant applications are accepted September 1st through December 31st. Each application is reviewed by the school district prior to submission to SEF Board of Directors for review. • You must submit your grant request online through this submission form. • If multiple people are applying for one grant, a signature is REQUIRED of each applicant • You MUST report on student outcomes by May 14, 2023. You can do this by conducting pre-and post-tests or surveys before and after the use of your mini-grant items. Student Outcome Reports must be submitted online any time throughout the year. **Outcome Reports are required by DOE for us to maintain mini-grant funding. ***No curriculum or classroom libraries qualify as a purchase during the 2022-23 School year. ****All IT Purchases must be cleared through IT. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Join Payroll Deduction, send new Payroll Deduction Forms to [email protected] 2. Submit mini-grant application online through this portal. 3. You will be notified by e-mail when your mini-grant is approved by the SEF Board. 4. An account is set up with your bookkeeper for the amount you are approved to spend. 5. Submit a Purchase Order for your items to your bookkeeper. 6. Order your items, after your purchase order is processed. 7. Report on student outcomes by May 14, 2023.
Consent and Principal Approval.(Required)
For example a Principal's grant should include the Principal and VP. Multiple teachers in a science wing, include the names of all eligible members.
Name of Person Applying(Required)
Area of Instruction(Required)
Please enter a number greater than or equal to 100.
Number format 500.00 (maximum amount for one qualifying individual is $500)
Number of students per year times years item will last.
(i.e. pre- and post- surveys, student test scores, etc.) *Some form of measurement is required.

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